War in Gaza

"Israel withdrew from Gaza, but Gaza later became the scene of a power struggle between the Palestinian Authority, representing the old guard of the secular PLO, and the newer Islamic-inspired forces of Hamas. Hamas prevailed." -BBC

Hamas violently took over Gaza.

Gaza: Armed Palestinian Groups Commit Grave Crimes | Human Rights Watch

Hostilities continued between Israel and Hamas. Hamas launched lots of rockets into Israel

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Sderot longs for end to rockets

Israel stopped attacking to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza, and Hamas raided the aid trucks and sold the contents to the highest bidders.
Hamas raids aid trucks, sells supplies

From BBC:
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Hamas police 'seize aid for Gaza'

San Francisco, Jan 10, 2009.

Vile anti-Semitism has been openly expressed during recent pro-Hamas rallies in places like Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Columbus, and San Francisco.

An attack on supply trucks in Gaza.

Israelis watch Israel's offensive in Gaza from a hill near the southern town of Sderot January 17, 2009.

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