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Dr. Mathews said...

I take issue with what you implied here:

You see those crack dealers on the street? They are going to take over City Hall! No more oppression or going to jail! Elite people follow laws, but we will put the elites in their places and take over!

While it might not be common knowledge in sheltered white communities, in many black communities, we know the truth:

But almost a decade later, in 1998, Kerry's trailblazing investigation was vindicated by the CIA's own inspector general, who found that scores of Contra operatives were implicated in the cocaine trade and that U.S. agencies had looked the other way rather than reveal information that could have embarrassed the Reagan-Bush administration.

Even after the CIA's admissions, the national press corps never fully corrected its earlier dismissive treatment. That would have meant the New York Times and other leading publications admitting they had bungled their coverage of one of the worst scandals of the Reagan-Bush era.

Oh, and on another issue, history will NOT absolve Cheney and Bush:

VIRTUALLY DESTROYING the Bush administration's main rationale for war against Iraq, the chief US weapons inspector declared yesterday that Saddam Hussein had neither weapons of mass destruction nor programmes to manufacture them at short notice when the US and its allies invaded in March 2003.

Eagle said...

This particular post is about Iraq, but...

What you are referencing were comments made to "v" making a parody of his post. It was meant to show how ridiculous it was. "v" believes that pockets of people in many different nations should overthrow their governments, banking systems, industrial structures, courts, ect. This massive takeover will be followed by some sort of utopia according to him, no mention of the conflicts or wars it would require. It reads like fantasy but sadly he actually believes in it. I think he spends too much time online reading weird things and watching strange videos, he is in a fantasy world.

What do you think of his post?

Why are you suggesting that black communities have some sort of superiority in knowledge over white communities?

Interesting link you provide, though.

This is also interesting:

U.N. crime chief says drug money flowed into banks