MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Moscow could take "retaliatory steps" if Washington proceeds with plans to build a missile defense system for Europe, including possibly aiming nuclear weapons at targets on the continent.

Putin assailed the White House plan to place a radar system in the Czech Republic and interceptor missiles in neighboring Poland. Washington says the system is needed to counter a potential threat from Iran.

Iran ready to resist on nuclear standoff, Khamenei warns West

Iran calls U.S. missile interceptor plan a "joke"

Iran continues nuclear defiance

Iran president sees "countdown" to Israel's end
TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's president said on Sunday the Lebanese and the Palestinians had pressed a "countdown button" to bring an end to Israel.

US to Press Ahead With Anti-Missile Plan

Bunkers in vogue as cold war fears rise
With fears of terrorism, natural disasters and a cold war revival on the rise, a German company has tapped into the climate of insecurity and produced the continent's first ready-made fallout shelter.

What happens when two nations battle with nukes?
A regional nuclear war would have long-lasting effects on the planet.

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