foiled attacks

Here are just a few of the dozens of terrorist attacks that were stopped:

9/11-Style Attacks Foiled by Patriot Act

Terrorist Watch: 23 Plots Foiled Since 9/11

US al-Qaeda plot suspects

Pakistani female scientist guilty of US murder attempt

US lists 10 foiled terror plots The White House has given details of 10 major terror plots that President Bush says have been foiled by the US and its allies since the 11 September attacks.

Profile: Key US terror suspects
Fourteen key US terror suspects previously held in secret CIA prisons have been sent to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

'Shoe bomber' jailed for life
A US federal judge has sentenced "shoe bomber" Richard Reid to life in prison for trying to blow up a Paris-Miami flight with 197 people on board.

Jordan convicts militant plotters
A military court in Jordan has found eight Islamist militants guilty of plotting to kill US troops in Iraq and Americans and Jews in Jordan.

Australia foils 'terror attack'
Australian police say they have foiled a terrorist attack in the final stages of its preparation, after 16 people were arrested in Sydney and Melbourne.

US 'foils terror attack'
The United States authorities say they have thwarted a plot by al-Qaeda to attack the country by detonating a bomb containing radioactive material.
US Attorney General John Ashcroft said a US citizen, Abdullah al-Mujahir, had been arrested on 8 May at Chicago airport after arriving from Pakistan.

Foiled al-Qaeda-linked plot to kill thousands in the UK and US

Somali man sentenced in terror plot

3 Muslims arrested in US

Terrorists caught

Foiled terror attack on Kennedy Airport

3 Terror Suspects Arrested in Germany

Holy Land verdict could be boost for Obama's war on terror

Dhiren Barot

Terrorist Sentenced

Hezbollah ally sentenced

Islamists planned attacks across Europe: report


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